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Service description

Show your last detailed bill issued for your line for free by using your phone through the e-bill service for zain.

How to get this Service:

1-   Direct Link:
You can browse your bill directly from your cell phone via link: and before you open the link, make sure to
-    Turn off your Wifi network in your mobile
-    Cellular Data ON
-    Choosing zain network [2G,3G,4G  ]
This service is available on IOS, Android, and blackberry.

2-   SMS
To be able to browse the monthly bill details through SMS, please send BS or BD to 959 as you will receive an SMS contains your bill link.

3-   E-mail
When you subscribe to this service, your bill will be send monthly to your email.
To register your email,
Please send SMS to 959 as following: The SMS contains E additional to your E-mail .
For example: E 123@xxxx.Com
If you want to change the E-mail, please send U and you new E-mail to 959.
For example: U 123@xxxx.Com